School of Education

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The guiding philosophy of the School , as contained in National Policy on Education, is the one that is free and democratic; just and egalitarian, united, strong and self-reliant; with a great and dynamic   economy, and above all, a land full of bring opportunities for all the citizen in Nigeria


By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Discuss intelligently the main ideas that affected and still affect the development and practice of education generally, and in Nigeria in particular
  2. Examine the psychological, health, and socio-economic factors that may help or hinder a child’s educational performance.
  3. Professionally combine use of conventional and ICT in generating, and imparting knowledge, attitude and skills at Basic Education level.


  1. Department Of Primary Education Dm
  2. Department Of Early Childhood Care And Education
  3. Department Of General Studies In Education
  4. Department Of Educational Foundation
  5. Department Of Curriculum  & Instruction Studies
  6. Department Of Educational Psychology