School of Science

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The training of teachers in the science disciplines is a necessity and should be encouraged in a developing country like Nigeria. This is because science is the bedrock of technological advancement and economic growth with its attendant contribution to human welfare, health and progress. Training of teachers in the Science discipline in a thorough, empirical and anticipatory manner forms the core of the philosophy of the School of Science.


At the end of NCE programme the students should be able to:

  1. Acquire enough skill to ensure competence in different science disciplines.
  2. Identify major problems in science.
  3. Make rational judgements based on undertaking of method of Science.
  4. Demonstrate practical skills in handling scientific apparatus.
  5. Motivate the study of science at primary and secondary school levels.
  6. Develop spirit of enquiry and creativity.


  1. Department Of Biology
  2. Department Of Mathematics
  3. Department Of Computer Science
  4. Department Of Physical And Health Education Programme.
  5. Department Of Chemistry
  6. Department Of Physics
  7. Department Of Integrated Science